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There is a famous quote by the Greek philosopher Plato: One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. This is also the life motto of Cheong Chee Khing.

Chee Khing, 39, married with a son. He was born in Pasir Pinji, Ipoh. He was brought up in squatters in Menglembu. He studied at SRJK(C) Min Tek , Falim. He obtained his Electrical Engineering Diploma at Linton Technology College and later worked for a US-based company. He has 17-years experience in high-tech industry. Chee Khing’s capabilities have enabled him to be the youngest manager in the company. He is good in corporate management. He is in charge of Engineering project and financial planning, engineering investment and economic policies for the company branches in Malaysia.

Chee Khing cames from a humble background. He gained his success with his inexorable pertinacity. Although he had to earn his living as a factory worker in his early age, he never gave up his dreams of pursuing higher educations. He spent 7 years as a part-time student and finally obtained an Honour Degree in Electrical Engineering from University Technology Malaysia and MBA in 2004, he is a registered qualified Engineer under The Institution of Engineers Malaysia(IEM). Due to the restriction of the University and University Colleges Act (UCCA), when Chee Khing was studying in UTM, he did not join DAP until he obtained his Master Degree. He joins DAP as he shares the idealism of the party: to realize a Malaysian Malaysia where all Malaysians, regardless of race or religion, can enjoy justice, freedom, democracy. While DAP was attracting more young professionals, Chee Khing has been given an important task and become DAPSY secretary of Ipoh Timor as well as Political Secretary to Pasir Pinji State Assemblyman Thomas Su. During the 12th General Election, in an agreement of the seats allocation between DAP and PKR, Chee Khing lost the chance to contest in a constituency which he has worked on for many years. Nevertheless, he was not despair and through continuous efforts being elected as Political Education Director for DAP Perak and continue to be political secretary to YB Thomas Su. At the same time, he is also the assistance to Member of Parliament YB M Kula and elected as chairman for Canning Garden branch and National Executives Committee of DAPSY.

Chee Khing had campaigned for farmers’ land, he collected thousands of signatures and petitions to the Menteri Besar of Perak, he urged the state government to be fair to the farmers and also appealed the state government to issue land titles instead of lease titles. Chee Khing is also very concerned about human rights and indigenous groups. In order to understand how indigenous groups had been affected by water pollution caused by logging activities, he even brought a group of volunteers to conduct a field work in the remote residential area. In January 2008, Chee Khing and party members as well as 50 indigenous people went to Kuala Lumpur and submitted a memorandum to SUHAKAM to interfere and help them to address the issue of customary land that has been sold illegally for profit which deprived of their rights.

Apart from that, Chee Khing also makes the effort on helping women, which including filing their case to Consumer Tribunal, and also providing assistance for helpless women to get social welfare and financial assistant.


张志坚,39岁,已婚,育有1子。出生于怡保兵如港,在万里望非法木屋区长大,小学就读于怡保华林市明德华小, 考取怡保林登工艺学院电气工程技师文凭后就到一家美国投资的公司就职技师。他在高科技领域工作了18年,从基层技师开始奋斗,多年后擢升为工程师及经理。他擅长企业管理,为大马分公司制定财务管理策略, 投资与经济政策,他在36岁之龄成为在东南亚分公司最年轻的专业经理人。

他自小在艰辛的环境中成长,经岁月磨练养成不屈不挠的精神。尽管早在1992年就到工厂就职技师,但张志坚却不曾放弃任何深造的机会,他曾用7年的时间从半工半读的方式在马来西亚工艺大学修读电气工程荣誉学士和企业管理硕士 (MBA)。在2004年毕业后获得大马工程师协会注册成为合格工程师。在马来西亚工艺大学进修期间,因受约束于大专法令,2004年前未能加入行动党,只能协助行动党助选,在考取硕士学位后,张志坚就加入民主行动党。由于服膺于民主行动党不分种族、宗教为人民争取权益,以塑造一个公平、自由与民主的社会。然而,在第12届全国大选,霹雳州在公正党与行动党在议席分配谈判结果把张志坚服务多年的选区出让给人民公正党,使到张志坚失去披甲上阵机会,但他没有气馁,在竞选期间积极为党同志拉票,在大选后出任挂和园支部主席。在民主行动党组织的年轻专业队伍之中,张志坚被重任,中选民主行动党霹雳州社青团副团长, 怡保东区国会联委会秘书,怡保西区国会议员政治秘书。在2008年霹雳州民主行动党代表大会以高票中选州委,出任政治教育主任。同时,他也中选民主行动党社青团全国最高理事。




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